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“Good Sportsmanship” IS the Olympics

I am a fan of the Olympics. Winter or Summer, Special or Para, for me the Olympics are a snapshot for the best in humankind. It is a time of coming together participating in a sport that is a passion … Continue reading

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Abortion, Tebow, Saving Lives

Abortion is a terrible thing. I know. I have been through it. It was over 30 years ago and yet I still remember the day vividly. God has forgiven me. I have forgiven myself. It took a very long time … Continue reading

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Baseball at its Best…Twins and Tigers!

голова болит секс голова болит секс I so голова болит секс голова болит секс enjoyed the Twins – Tigers game tonight! It was baseball at its best. It was tenacity. It was excitement. It was individual brilliance. It was individual … Continue reading

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Michael Vick — Play Football or Feed Him to the Dogs

Some may find my title too graphic and in poor taste but I do have a point. The crimes that Michael Vick chose to commit and received the legal consequences would be called horrific in my ledger. I like animals. … Continue reading

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Consequences…or Not: Michael Phelps and others

The sports world has brought the word ‘consequences’ to the fore front of our vocabulary and the title of lead stories in every talk show and news show we watch. Michael Phelps is just the last in a long line … Continue reading

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