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Lindsay Lohan – the cost

And yet another young adult hits the brick wall of consequences and turns herself in to authorities for another incident related to addictions. Lindsay Lohan was involved in a hit-and-run on Memorial Day weekend (let’s call that Point A) and went into a rehabilitation facility (let’s call that Point R) thus avoiding the investigating police officers for almost two months. And that was the purpose, wasn’t it? In her drug (make no mistake that alcohol has very little difference in its chemical origins from marijuana or heroin) induced state, did Ms. Lohan have an ‘epiphany’ moment and decide to “get straight”? Time will show the fruit of that though I admit to an unusual attitude of cynicism.

I hate waste. I don’t like to waste time. I don’t like to see the waste of talent. I surely do not like to see the waste of an individual. As I watched Ms. Lohan again the other night in Parent Trap I laughed and rejoiced at the happy ending. Yes, it could be called ‘cheesy’ but just from an actor’s craft point of view, I enjoyed watching a young girl play not one but two roles and do it well. The next morning I read in CNN.com about the now 21-year-old woman who has spiraled into a pit that will take harder work than she’s ever known to crawl out of the slippery mire. The picture accompanying the article showed years of bad choices had already begun to ravage her face. I hate waste.

Ms. Lohan will be in my thoughts and prayers that not only will she make better choices but that she will surround herself with a core group of people who will see her value as “Lindsay” and not just a public commodity. Like Elvis and so many before her, sweet success will bring every parasite for miles to suck you dry until you die while still calling you “friend” and then move on to the next great talent to feed.

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