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Latin Mass – Is going ‘back’ good?

So on the first day of the seventh month, the priest, Ezra, read the Law to the people from daybreak to noon. And all the people listened carefully and thoughtfully to the reading of the Law. Nehemiah 8:2-3 (my paraphrase)

I have read this passage several times and every time I think to myself, “I would not be excited to hear someone read to me for six hours!” However, I believe the point I am to receive today is that reading the Law was an act of worship of God. THAT is worth excitement! ‘Excitement’ is a word that should be in the description of our worship of our Lord, Creator, Father God, Savior, Mighty Spirit! If it isn’t, I should allow some closer scrutiny about my relationship with my Lord and the fellowship that I am a part.

Today the Pensacola News Journal, wrote an article about a local Catholic church that has been celebrating Mass in Latin once a month. They are now increasing the frequency because of attendance and the interest of people who drive 50 miles to attend. In July, Pope Benedict XVI issued the “Summorum Pontificum”, a decree that releases Roman Catholics around the world to celebrate the Mass in Latin.

Some of those interviewed in the PNJ said that the Latin Mass gave them “a different way to experience God — it involves your total concentration”. One woman “changed her denomination from Protestant to Catholic after attending a Latin Mass about five years ago in Georgia.” She said, “The mass also is participatory, and it keeps you focused the entire time you are there” and “The mass is so beautiful and so lyrical and meaningful”.

Now I was raised Catholic. The Latin Mass did not resonate with me as a young person and I suspect it wouldn’t now BUT I am excited to hear that this option has brought people into worship. Whether you worship with contemporary music involving guitars and drums, or more traditional with an organ and choir, or beautiful dance and drama captures your spirit to worship your Lord – if the fruit of that worship is a closer relationship with God and a desire to spend more time with Him, then I rejoice with what God is doing in your life.

Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, Saturday evenings, should be a time when the priority is to worship God. If I am not excited to go to worship, then I need a reality check on my ‘emotion meter’. Excited does not mean just physical manifestations but it means that I do not view attendance as a chore or obligation but a choice to worship my King and Savior because – He deserves it! He’s worthy of it! He has given so much of His extravagant love to me that I can not stay away!!!

If you don’t have an excitement and joy about worship, find a church, a fellowship, where you do. Yes, it may involve moving away from the church where you grew up but worship should not be rote (repetitively boring) and it should not be just entertainment. It should be a place where the atmosphere invites you to come in and worship the King of Kings and go out to serve Him. We should leave the sanctuary knowing that we have encountered the LIVING GOD!

The believers were in unity in their minds and hearts. Acts 4:32 (my paraphrase)

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