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John Travolta’s son dies

My heart is saddened this morning as I read that John and Kelly Travolta’s son has died at the age of 16. It was a saddened and unexpected death of a child who had some health issues. There is an investigation that is ongoing to determine the exact cause of his death.

The Travolta’s are professed Scientologists. That make my heart more burdened as I think of the questions, recriminations, and guilt that plague the spirit of a parent in the immediate days and weeks following the death of a child. I know little about scientology so I ‘googled’ and read some information on www.wikipedia.org and www.allaboutreligion.org. As a Christian, the belief system of Scientology is very foreign to me but some of the basics seem to include a focus on self-awareness and the importance of achieving higher ‘levels’ in this quest which will bring about a better you and a better world. That premise would seem to bring a very difficult journey of grief.

As a parent of a child who died, there are so many questions that have poor answers. They are eternal questions: Why did my child suffer? Why did my child die now? What could I have done differently that would have give him more time? What could I have done differently that would have given him more joy? Could I have done something, anything that would have changed the course of events? Where is God in this?

As the Travolta’s live the rest of their lives may they hear the Truth and may the Truth give them answers and set them free.

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