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Gratitude – Thankful – Really?

It was interesting to me that when I went to Webster’s Dictionary that I found “gratitude” defined as being thankful and “thankful” defined as having gratitude. Hmmm. Neither word describes what I feel in my heart when I think of “gratitude” and “thankful”.

It’s a deep feeling that is not the same as when I say, “Thanks” to a waiter for refilling my tea glass. Although I am appreciative for his service, when I consider areas that birth gratitude inside of me, it is more.

I have gratitude for the friends who came to my home when my son died. One of them moved in for almost week. She cooked. She cleaned. She allowed me to do whatever I wanted or needed to do but when I would stop mid-task, overwhelmed, she would just step next to me and continue the task. Our family still remembers the awesome blueberry pancakes!

I think gratitude is hard to define. First, because it means that I needed something that I couldn’t provide for myself. So there is this ‘pride thing’. It is a ‘control thing’. I like to think I am the captain of my own ship.

Second, gratitude has at its core – love. When I feel gratitude toward someone, they have touched my heart.

In my case, this all leads to Jesus. When I realized that I needed a savior and I accepted Jesus as the only One who could save me, that wall around my heart was broken. I was broken and put back together – a new creation. And gratitude? I am still grateful 15 years later! I am awed and humbled by the love from my LORD and Savior. I am so very thankful! Really.

(This post is part of the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival on Gratitude.)

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  1. Yes. If we don't understand the amazing aspect that has filled our heart with His love and protection in our everyday lives, we have nothing…

    And to have friends and family who step in and pour their lives and love into our lives… not much can be better than that. You were blessed in such a special way.

    1. Yes, ma'am, I surely was and I continue to be. Whether we have a group at our table on Thursday or whether we are alone…may we look around the table inside our hearts and thank God for those angels in our midst.

  2. Dear Jody, thanks for the "musing" on being thankful. It was very well said. I am working on a Sunday school lesson on being thankful for this coming weekend and will be sharing your thoughts to open the lesson, that is, if you don't mind. Thanks again! I have learned that cultivating thankfulness in my life helps prevent making mountains out of mole hills and makes mountains become mole hills! Praise God for He is good all the time!

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