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Shrivers Legacy

Eunice and Sargent Shriver showed what should be done when you have been blessed to be born into affluence and power. They took what had been given to them and worked with exhorted others, giving birth to such far-reaching, life-changing programs as The Special Olympics and The Peace Corps.

Most of us have not been given that kind of largess but we have been given opportunities to serve others and until the Day when our vision goes from shadows to clear, we do not know the “ripple-effect” of the use of our talents. It could be that our from-the-heart smile or picking up a dropped item may be the one thing that causes a life to be forever changed.

There’s a story that floats around cyberspace of a man who had become very depressed. Lost job, divorce, no communication with children because his phone had been cut off, and the seeming isolation drove a man to sit in his dark apartment weeping. “God, where are you?” he cried. “Show me that you haven’t left me!” Silence. Silence broken by the shrill ring of his (cut off) phone. “Hello?” he said. “I’m sorry. I must have the wrong number.” “It’s ok,” the man said. “Are you ok?” the voice said. And the story goes that another man, putting his shift in at a local crisis center, hit the redial button by mistake.

Our legacy may seem to be randomly influenced by the who, what, where, how, and why of our existence. I believe God will multiply our small beginnings into opportunities of greatness in His eyes. Are you open to the possibilities of your legacy?

Well done, good and faithful (and imperfect) servants, Eunice and Sargent Shriver!

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