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Defense Motion: Accused is Now a Born-Again Christian

A convicted murderer is sentenced to life in prison and finds God there. I truly rejoice that unlike society, God does not give up on His children. He will pursue them with His love even into prison.

A lawyer for the above mentioned murderer decides to file a motion for a new trial, stating that the murderer has been rehabilitated and should be set free. Now I am not so much rejoicing.

David Berkowitz, convicted murderer of what is known as the Son of Sam murders, said in 2002 that he would not seek any parole as he felt he had been rightly convicted and should serve his sentence. He is a born-again Christian, very involved in prison ministry, prisoner counseling, and advocacy of victims’ rights.

Karla Faye Tucker, convicted murderer, was executed for the double murder in 1998. The first woman executed in the state of Texas since the 1860’s, Ms Tucker also was born-again in prison. She did seek a retrial and appeals stating she had been reformed through her conversion. Pope John Paul II, then US Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the World Council of Churches, and Pat Robertson all got in on the appeals.

Jesus said to render to Caesar what was Caesar and to God what belonged to God (Matthew 22:21). Paul said we should submit to civil authority (Romans 13, Titus 3). For me that means I will accept the consequences of my actions, including (and especially) when I knowingly break the law.

I rejoice that David Berkowitz, Karla Faye Tucker, and even reportedly Ted Bundy, have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I also rejoice that they have been fairly tried for their crimes and some sense of justice has been levied on behalf of their victims. The consequences that are voted on and put into place by lawmakers and voters are fulfilled and the promise of God for those who believe in Him are also fulfilled.

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