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What Do You See? A Giant?

What do you see when you look into tomorrow? What do you see when you try to figure out what you are going to do about your bills, about your health, about your children or grandchildren?

If I listen to the media, I am in deep trouble. It all seems so impossible. I have done all I can do. I can’t do any more.

Yes, I can. I can pray…more. If that sounds ridiculous or silly, I am telling you that it is no more ridiculous than taking the word of another man or woman in the media. By who’s authority do they speak? Another person. They have no knowledge like our Creator does. If I have a problem too big for me to figure out, it makes sense that I go to One who knows more than I do. I go to an expert.

A young man named David went against the giant, Goliath, because the giant was laughing at David and who he believed in. Others saw a giant and gave up. They said nothing could be done against such a giant. David turned to the Creator who had already proven that He could strengthen David to slay a lion who came after his sheep. So David refused the advice to use armor and sword from the “experts” and took his slingshot that he had a talent to use well and went out to face his giant.

In the face of my giant problems, I need to do what I am given talents to do and do these things to the best of my ability. I need to cry out to God, saying that I know that the One who can calm the oceans, create all that I know, and loves me just as I am, can do all things. That is how to face my giants.

I am going to keep praying.

I am going to listen to music that reminds me of Who He is.

I am going to read His Word.

I am going to watch the movie, Facing the Giants and whatever else inspires and lifts my eyes.

What do I see when I look to tomorrow? I am not alone. I am looking at my LORD. My Savior.



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