No More Tears

written many times, through many years

I wonder if when I cry again tomorrow,
I will find I have no more tears.
How many tears do we have?
A never-ending supply, I fear.

I believe God gives me tears to wash all the ugliness away.
So I cry with loneliness.
I cry with disappointment.
I cry for my pain and another’s pain.
I cry.
The tears, God given, finally bringing rest at the end of a day.

I see the tears in the eyes of so many
who think they can hide.
Like me, they cover the pain, shellac it with “I’m fine.”

Tomorrow will come. Will tears come too?
Will anyone take the time to see? See anyone?
Will they hurry through their own life,
rush from here to there, passing others in a blur?
No More Tears … in their life.

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