Hustle And Bustle

gold and blue Veritcal cropped 47232068I don’t know where this phrase originated but “hustle and bustle” seems to be the words that describe this time of year. It conveys that we feel there is more “stuff” we have to accomplish in days which appear to have only 20 hours in them and there is a deadline – December 25.

My children are grown now. Some grandchildren are already in their teens and the babies, well they aren’t really babies any more. It may not be surprising that I remember past Christmases and wonder if they are good memories in the minds of my children. Did we do  the things to create the memories they will keep and tell their own children as they sit in their homes around a table with holiday dinner or around a brightly-lit tree?

Gifts I SO hope that my children remember that it was not about the number of presents or their monetary value but it was about how personal the gift was and how much love was involved in the gift. And if I had to do it over, we would have had a tradition of shopping for a child who was in need of clothes and shoes and a toy.

Songs Music has always been a big part of my life. I feel blessed that there is a local radio station which plays Christmas music 24/7 from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day. Whether the chestnuts are roasting on an open fire and bring back the smells of Christmas or another song brings the hopeful promise that those we love will be home for Christmas, music always brings the season alive in my heart.

Time The greatest gift of all  – my time. Whether it is writing personal messages in a carefully selected card or a telephone call or a visit, giving my time to someone says, “I care. I love you!” Time is the #1 item which seems to be in short supply but if I am deliberate and thoughtful in my decisions on how I spend my time, I will find Christmas becomes a wonderful gift to be given with an open and joyful heart.

So take a deep breath as you read this and reach out to the Maker of Time and consider how precious your time is and on who you can give this gift and make a difference in their holiday. Give from your heart.

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