Have you read Psalm 170?

Standing in Your presence
Lord, my heart and life are changed.
Just to love You and to live to see
Your beauty and Your grace.

Heaven and Earth cry out Your name!
Nations rise up and see Your face.
And Your Kingdom is established
As I live to know You more.

Now I will never be the same.
Spirit of God, my life You’ve changed.
And I’ll forever sing Your praise!
I live to know You, Lord. I live to know You, Lord.

You’ve called me;
I will follow Your will for me I’m sure.
Let Your heartbeat be my heart’s cry;
Let me live to serve Your call.       – Live to Know You More by Hillsong United Worship

David, youngest son, shepherd, slayer of Goliath, and King of Israel, is credited with most of the 150 psalms, or songs, we know. People who study literature would call them poetry. My husband, who is a biblical languages scholar, tells me that the translation from Hebrew to English of these psalms is not easy as poetry uses the subtleties of a given language, including its format, to express emotions and pictures. And one word in a language does not precisely equal a word in another.

So here I am sharing with you today one of my favorite 21st century psalms. Is it a psalm?
It is poetry.
It does express emotion and life experiences.
It does testify and offer praise to God.
Seems to define “psalm” to me!

Question of my day: Do I live to know more of God? When I lay down in my bed at night, have I learned something about God today? Was it in my conscious mind to be aware of opportunities to learn something about and see God today?

I had a rough morning. By that I mean, I was in pain. Chronic pain is something you learn how to live with; learn how to focus through and around. I saw Jesus in the midst of my pain this morning. I saw how I could focus in on Him and not allow pain to wrap me up and bury me in its shroud. I did live today and learned more about Jesus. I saw how He set His eyes on accomplishing His mission and continued His walk through Gethsemmane. Even when He cried out to the Father with His feeling of abandonment, Jesus took another step and the mission was “finished.” I can take one more step. I can take one more step because Jesus is right there with me. He knows the way through pain.

Hear these praises from a grateful heart.
Each time I think of You the praises start.
Love You so much, Jesus!
Love You so much!

Lord, I love You, my soul sings;
In Your presence carried on Your wings.
Love You so much, Jesus!
Love You so much!

How my soul longs for you,
Longs to worship You forever,
In Your power and majesty!
Lift my hands, lift my heart,
Lift my voice towards the heavens,
For You are my sun and shield!

Hear these praises from a grateful heart.
Each time I think of You the praises start.
Love You so much, Jesus!
Love You so much!                                  – Love You So Much by Hillsong United Worship

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