Paris Hilton: Moving On?

As events continue to unfold and are played and replayed and replayed (you get the idea!) in this young woman’s life, I am immediately struck that she is a “child”, a product of her parents and ultimately her own choices.  I watched some of the video from her interview with Larry King and what an opportunity to make a turn in her life and make better choices!  Is there anyone available with the wisdom to help her?

Fathers (and mothers) do not irritate your children and drive them into making bad choices, instead walk the talk and train them in what God says and wants for their lives. (my paraphrase of Ephesians 6:4) 

We as parents have a responsibility to not just birth a child and provide them with food and shelter but we must walk our lives in the truth and reality of what we believe!  We can’t tell them just to “do it!” but we must train them.  This implies that we teach them what we have learned.  I don’t just take my children to church or Sunday School.  I actually go myself with joyful heart that says this is a priority for me and a place where I learn and grow. 

Paris Hilton has had all that money can buy but her life says that she has never been taught principles that lead her in discovering what her mission in life is.  She speaks now about discovering who she is.  Most young adults are asking those questions but the ones who really do discover and live in the joy of what their life is about are those who have been taught that they always have God to turn to for wisdom and unconditional love and that whatever they do – it is for Him and His plan, not for the instant gratification of this life.

Proverbs says that “parents are the pride of their children” (17:6 NIV).  Are your children proud of who you are to them?

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