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The “Do-Over”

My daughter, Janet Lister, has started her own blog, His Grace is Enuff, and I love her post today, Can I Have a Do-Over? . Her blog is an example of this generation using the social media in the best of possible ways to encourage each other in this treacherous life that they must negotiate.

Too often we do not allow each other to take a moment or a day when the stress, whether known or unknown, overtakes us and we become a person we do not want to be. Our ranting and raving about “stuff” that means little in the great scheme of life obscures our real focus of frustration. Taking a deep breath and asking those who are bewildered bystanders to give us that “do-over” is not only a second chance for me personally but it is also an opportunity to show others that “do-overs” are allowed, even expected, in this world.

So take a few minutes today and acquaint yourself with that great 21st century phenomenon — a “do-over”. You may need it today!

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  1. Awwww you are so sweet! I'm praying for grace that my words could be half as eloquent as yours!! Love you 🙂

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