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Changed All the Way to my Core

It has been awhile since I wrote a note here. Life has reminded me of carnival rides with the Tile-A-Whirl and roller coasters taking top prizes!

The devotionals that I have written in the last few months have a discernible thread about trusting God on a daily basis. Trusting Him enough to allow Jesus to set my daily schedule. When I do that, I have the time I need to pray and get quiet in a quality “come away” time, trusting God that all my “to do” list, will get checked off in the right time, His time.

If I am a “new creation” after committing my life to Jesus then it is in the daily, ordinary choices and moments of my life that I choose to allow a radical change to come into my life. It is not a “faith face” of change, like when I put on make-up to cover a bruise. The bruise and injury is till there no matter how well the make-up conceals. Jesus wants to change me at the cellular level so that every aspect of my thinking and coping is changed.

I believe that is when my life becomes the tool in the Savior’s Hand that changes lives. My life becomes a Living Witness to Jesus Christ. People sense the truth of the power of God in a life. A simple encounter can take a smile and a moment of eye contact to a life-changing level because it is the Holy Spirit’s power that flows through me to a hurting child.

Will I allow the Holy Spirit to enter my life – totally – and decide that Jesus’ way is my way?

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  1. My name is Scott. I have struggled my etinre life with my relationship with God. I believe that Jesus died for our sins. I believe that God watches over his children. Over the years I have attended many, many different churches. Do you ever have that feeling that you just don’t fit in somewhere? It was like that for me. I believe there is a plan for us, if you’ll only give yourself over to Him. From the moment I walked up to the door of the Georgetown Library and met Darla, I felt as if I was home at last. Since meeting Darla, I have met John, Phyllis, and a host of others. All made me feel welcome and all made me feel at home. To be in the presence of God among so many great people, well it was just heavenly. Butch spreads the word as if he just can’t hold it in any more, with passion and a zest for living the life of a man of God. Thank you for making me feel welcome and thank you all who attend our biker church for welcoming a stray lamb back into the fold.

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