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Some Truths About Cancer

Recently a friend of mine, David Alan Black, wrote a blog, Five Things To Do When You Hear the “C” Word. The “C” word is cancer. Dave and his wife are walking through a very long cancer journey. His words are truth and encouragement.

I used to walk the halls of the hospital late at night when the fold-out bed or hospital-issued lounge chair became too lumpy. As my son slept in exhaustion from treatment, side effects, and psychological assault, I walked. Some rooms were silent with doors closed. Others stood open with parents hovering over their child who lay in the bed. Still others paced outside a door while nurses and doctors did mysteriously terrifying procedures and tests over a whimpering child. It wasn’t disease that parents battled – it was fear.

Dave’s blog brings home a central Truth re: cancer – battling cancer will involve God. My involvement included disbelief and excrutiating pain that my God whom I had grown to love and depend on intimately, seemed to have suddenly either turned on me with a back-handed slap or had turned His back on me and left me bloody and bruised in the dust.

I had time of quiet when I knew He was holding and comforting me, allowing me to sleep as a child does, held in strong, safe arms.

But most days, it was a strong, watchful, understanding companion who gave me His hand as we walked and walked and walked. He knew places to sit and drink to catch a rest and He knew when to rally me on through the long marathon.

In the final conclusion of this journey, I know that this world will not provide me with lasting peace or more than a transient reward. It is only God who thinks eternal and keeps His promises no matter what the outcome of cancer’s assault. With Him I finally realized that a win is guaranteed.



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