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The Church: Social Club or Office for The Physician

Book reviews of From Sorrows to Sapphires by Angela Williams and Terrible Things Happened to Me by Tom Scales

The Church was designed by Jesus Christ to be a hospital for the ill and dying. Some people come and need support groups and rehab; others need intensive care treatment. Jesus is in the “miracle business”. Do we as His ambassadors reflect this?

I was recently asked by the Voice Today organization to review two books. (Reviews follow on this blog) Instead of just providing pizza parties and summer camps of hiking and canoing and musical tours, we as a Church Body need to combine our gifts of discernment, healing, encouraging, prayer, and healing to identifying children and young people who are in the need of a touch from Jesus to change the paths they are on. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are not easy subjects to “deal with” in the Church. But there are people like Ms. Williams and Mr. Scales and their organization that if we are willing to be used by God, they are willing to add their God-given gifts.

Terrible Things Happened to Me by Tom Scales

This is a well written book about a horrific subject. I began my reading with the assumption that this was a book to be read by those who have experienced sexual abuse. By the end of the first chapter I knew it was a difficult but necessary book for every parent and grandparent, teacher, pastor, and caring adult. Through his own experience, Mr. Scales shows us some of the subtle, yet loud screams, that abused children will vocalize as they bed for someone to see their pain.

From Sorrows to Sapphires by Angela Williams

The hell on earth that Angela Williams endured for the first 17 years of her life have not been seen in any nightmare I have experienced. Her journey to Victory was one she could not only survive but be come the healed advocate she is today. This is a book of Hope for so many yet out there in what they have been deceived into believing is their private hell. A excellent read for any adult who wants to be a part of stopping the secrets that hold these affected children in a prison not of their making.

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