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Immigration: Common Sense

I am visiting family in Arizona.  “Immigration” is a word that the media currently associate with Arizona.  It is so much more than that with its beautiful sunsets, lovely hacienda-style homes, and diverse communities.

Critics of the immigration laws here feel it promotes racial profiling.  I would immediately have to ask, “Aren’t 99 44/100% of the illegal aliens in Arizona Latino?”  Not all Latinos are illegal.  So couldn’t we have a law similar to the initial seat belt law we had in Florida?  If you are stopped for speeding or another violation, the officer can also ask to see your residency papers.

When I am in another country, I always have my passport on me.  Always.  It would be legitimate for me to expect that I might have to show proof of my being in that country legitimately when I am not a citizen of that country.

This isn’t an easy problem.  Most of the problems of our world aren’t easy.  ‘Common sense’ should be a common practice when we sit down to discuss solutions.

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