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I Voted for George W. Bush

As Michael Douglas said in American President, choosing who I vote for as president, senator, county commissioner, or any other elected official has “everything to do with character”.

I voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2008 primarily based on my choice of George W. Bush’s character over his opponents. In a msnbc.com article on April 11, 2009, Back in Texas, Bush enjoys a simpler life, President Bush was asked recently by a student at Southern Methodist University about how he made decisions as president. He replied, “You make your decisions based on principles, he said. And you never worry about popularity or polls.”

That reflects a man of principles and integrity. That is a person for whom I can vote and have no regrets doing it nine years later.

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  1. I guess its all a matter of perspective on if someone lives with integrity and principle. I'm a little shocked to think George W. Bush would be someone we would consider someone who had integrity.

    If anything he did at least stick to his 'principles' of Conservative, Christian and Republican values, but what those were and if they were good or bad still are an entire other thing.

    Bush started a war. What about the torture that he specifically knew about under his administration, yet he proclaims to be Christian? I think BOTH of these items…and others if we really got into what he did as President… are AGAINST Christian principles, which he claims to adhere to.

    Just a thought 🙂

    1. Good comment. It's encouraging to know that there are more people making their decision on who they will vote for based on their personal standards of integrity and principles and not just on the media 'sound bites' that are insulting. Too often I hear people repeat what they are told by the media instead of taking the time to read a person's speech or position paper for themselves. I welcome your thoughts!

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