Angels, Demons…nothing new since the beginning

I did not write any comments when the Da Vinci Code came out. I did not read it or see the movie. I may make Guinness’s record book! Now there is a second installment, Angels and Demons. I won’t read it or see that movie either. It isn’t that I am concerned that I will be ‘tainted’ with some heresy or un-Godly rhetoric. I just have no interest in the premise that there is proof that there are holes in what I believe. Well, duh. Isn’t faith by definition a belief or trust in God? God who I cannot see or prove with any of my senses?

In today’s, Bart Ehrman, a UNC Chapel Hill religious studies professor, says he is a former fundamentalist who is able to ‘debunk’ the Bible. I imagine he is a popular speaker these days. It is not surprising to me that Mr. Ehrman had a very negative experience with a church leader and a family member. We in the church are going to have much to explain on the day we come face to face with God! In fact I think we would be wise to not try to give an explanation but instead just get on our knees and beg forgiveness!

So if you are a Christian and you plan to go to this movie – do not confuse faith with facts.

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