Obama: Truth or Dare

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On Tuesday, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. Before he has taken office, he has an over 70% approval rating. Arguably expectations may have never been higher for what the American people, maybe even around people around the world, believe this president can do to make everything ‘right’. From the positive perspective, it is an opportunity for great things to happen. The new president has a cabinet full of strong, smart people. The question is whether he can get them all ‘to play well together’ and with the good of the whole in mind instead of their own agendas! From the negative viewpoint, it seems like a huge ‘dare’ to anticipate that this one man is going to change the course of events in a short time. It sounds like a set-up for failure.

The truth is that many situations are going to be decided as they always are over the next few years and this president like the 43 before him need my prayers. I will be praying for God to speak…and for all of us to listen.

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