O.J. Simpson and Me: Found out!

…you may be sure that your sin will find you out. Number 32:23 (NIV)

There are not many of us (including a California civil court) who do not think that O.J. Simpson was responsible for the death of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. And so as we watched the outcome of this trial and today maybe felt some tilt in the scales of justice. O.J. Simpson found guilty in criminal court!

I am a firm believer in learning from the mistakes of others.

I am learning today. I may think that I may get away with sin in my life…but it will come back to me. Sliding by today, tomorrow, will not mean that God will continue to ‘wink’ at my sins. He is God. He is holy. There is no compromise on holy and unholy in our relationship. As I read the O.J. story I feel the pinch of un-repented sin. “Deal with it, Jody!”

I remember my mother and father working in their gardens, flowers and vegetables were painstakingly separated from weeds. It meant getting down on their knees and pulling out the weeds and carefully leaving the vegetables and flowers to grow in the now ‘clean’, nourishing soil. Jesus spoke about this very thing:

“On Judgment Day, the ‘weeds’ will be pulled up and burned up. I will send out my warrior angels to pull up like weeds everything that is sin and causes evil in my kingdom. They will throw all of this in the fiery furnace where there is weeping and great suffering. THEN those who are in relationship with Me will shine like the sun, gloriously in the kingdom of their Father. Let those who have ears to hear – hear what I say.” Matthew 13: 40-43 (my paraphrase)

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