Why Do Some Marriages Survive and Others Perish?

I recently read an article in the Ladies’ Home Journal (November 2008), “The Last Couple Standing”.  The author asked the question, “Why do some marriages survive while others perish?”  As one who is a survivor of a “perished” 19-year marriage, I, of course, have an opinion!

Commitment.  Too often in today’s society it is seen as a harsh, non-pc word.  Commitment involves hard, self-less choices on days when stress is high and weeks are long; months seem never-ending and years eternal.  It is looking at your partner and choosing to see the good that brought you together.  It is lying down at night and counting your blessings an seeing your spouse make the list several times.  It is dropping to your knees and asking God to bless your loved one and change you!  It is putting God in the center of the marriage because His love is never-ending and is grace is sufficient.

Husband and wife committted to God and to each other = a living marriage that more than survives.

(Personal note: November 28, 2008, Henry  and I will celebrate nine years of commitment.)

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