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Match Making FOR God

I have surpassed my usual “Ridiculous Factor” recently as I noticed a new commercial on TV for www.ChristianMingle.com . Part of the sound bite that plays over happy, pretty people is something like “Sometimes we wait for God to make the next move when He is saying it is our turn”. Are you kidding me??? Move over, Abraham. I need to handle God’s job because He’s too slow!

My husband was 43 years old when we married. He had decided that maybe God wanted him to follow the footsteps of Paul (if you believe he was single!). In any case, he was living his life in his studies, with a few friends, and as a Godly, celibate man. Meanwhile, I was a single mother of three with a 60 hour/week job and very busy and content in my life. I was not looking for a husband at all! And yet, God got our attention individually and spoke to us about the one He had chosen. After we both got over our initial shock (even a bit of dismay that our plans were changed) and prayed, we met – and the rest is history. We’ve been married 12 years this month.

God KNOWS where you live. Do NOT doubt the power of God to bring someone to your door. He knows your heart. His plan has been proven over and over to be the best. I believe that, like Abraham, we allow our flesh to doubt God. We think He fell asleep on the job or doesn’t find our need for a mate to be as important as bringing a war to a close. God is big enough to handle it all, isn’t He?

And then there is the possibility that God says, “No” to marriage for me. That is a possibility and it is one that I may not want to consider that He would say. Am I willing to be obedient to God’s plan even if it isn’t mine and not one that I “like”? Good question to consider on any day as His disciple.

Please hear my testimony that God’s plan is the best even when it does not match mine. I have learned to pray for my heart to come along side God’s plan instead of asking Him to always bless my plan. Allow God to be your perfect matchmaker.




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