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And Life Does Go On


I am here in this Monday with a very long list of prayer requests.  The situations all need God to directly intervene.  The pain and suffering in the hearts of the people involved is extraordinary.  In my heart, in my spirit where I have stored the testimonies of my life and the testimonies of so many others, I know that God is already at work in these situations.  Right now, I cannot see His work.  I want to sit here until I see.  It seems to much to move on.  But those who have gone before me urge me on.

Noah – (Genesis 9)  Noah and his family have come through the flood.  Everyone they know and love has been destroyed.  Everything that is familiar and ‘home’ is gone.  God tells Noah and his family to go on; live and multiply. 

David – Though he would be king, first he would have to run from the present king, Saul, and then spend most of his life as a king fighting his own children and watching them die in their schemes.  God continued to move David forward and did not explain His plans or His methods. 

Job – His children, his health, all that he had was taken from him.  Job is left with friends and a wife who are no help to him!  He is not given a promise that life will be better or that there will be restoration.  Job does not know that all this has happened because God is making a point of how righteous he is.  God allows Job to vent his frustration and confusion and listen to friends who are useless.  Then God speaks and then He restores.

The prophets – Every one of the prophets was ‘beaten up’ either physically or by rejection and persecution.  Since prophets rarely told people what they wanted to hear – they were not ‘liked’. 

The disciples – They left family and livelihood to follow a fanatic who was the #1 enemy of the Church leadership.  If that wasn’t enough, Rome decided to join the persecution in order to keep their power and alliance with the enemy they knew – the Jewish church – instead of taking their chances with an unknown ‘new’ church.  But they were to keep moving on, building this Church that was sure to get them killed.

God is the One who sees and knows all.  He is on no time line that is measured by my standards!  Life does go on when I trust God for the now and the future.

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