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Please take time today to read a commentary by actor, Gary Sinise, “We can’t do enough for our veterans” on cnn.com. Mr. Sinise has made it his ‘ministry’ to encourage our men and women in the military around the world. Going thousands of miles a year, he brings a sincere handshake, some music, and messages of thanksgiving to those who made a choice to serve our country amid a huge personal sacrifice.

I admit, with no apology, to being a weepy patriot! I meet former military in my job and always shake their hand at the end of our interview and thank them for what they have done for my freedom. One of my first trips to Hungary, I was sitting in church and there in front of me was a ‘little grandma’ with a babushka covering her head and Jesus in her heart. She had an expression on her face which could reflect mine when I walk into a bakery! She was where she wanted to be! In my mind’s eye, I could see her as a young woman walking to a pre-dawn or late night service 50 years before. Going under the cover of darkness because she was not allowed to worship her Lord openly under a Communist rule. Now she can come to worship in the sunshine! She brings her children and her grandchildren.

What has that to do with our military? We are the #1 military force in our world. We do struggle to be what President Theordore Roosevelt suggested: “Walk softly and carry a big stick!” Today we have military stationed in dozens of countries that are each fulfilling vital checkpoints to insure our freedom in this country but also encourage and protect the developing freedom for so many people. Mr. Sinise hit the nail on the head!

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  1. I have had family who served and are serving in the military. Unlike Mr. Sinise, I do not believe the military should be held up as a sacred cow. They have, for the most part, served honorably, however they have possibly cost us the war do to their complete failure in winning the hearts and minds of the people in Iraq. Somehow , when you treat people with a total lack of respect and out right bigotry, it makes it difficult to gain a persons respect, much less trust.

    The military has not protected our freedom since WW2 (in terms of Wars). Every war since then was a pointless political / economic decision, not ones of security or self defense.

    I think the people we should honor most are the diplomats who deliver peace without the need for war. I find it hard to heap such respect on some 18 year old grunt who enjoys gunning down those "rag heads" regaurdless of their terrorist ties.

  2. **Note: James, I agree with you but I did indicate a 'slight' edit of a couple of words. Thanks for commenting! — JN


    You are everything that has ruined the democratic party. Why don't you take your bullc*** starbucks liberalism and move to Canada. Why do we support these kids? Because they, unlike most Americans, have the courage to stand up for a country that they love, whether it be under an idiot's tyrannical reign or the leadership of a man untested and unknown. They chose to honor their country and serve. Sacrifice all self rights, and serve. What sacrifices have any politicians ever made for us? I heard that Mitt Romney has to sell one of his Ski Lodges, oh and at a loss! Oh my! And hey, I hear that Rick Sanford actually wants to take the bailout money and give himself a raise! Great! Lets honor swindlers and crooks in suits and ties, and spit on the 19 year old scared s@*-less kid in a country that he can't locate on a map, surrounded by people who hate him for just existing, and being hated by HIS OWN DAMN People at home. You make me sick.

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