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Taking Chance

I watched the movie, Taking Chance, again recently. Starring Kevin Bacon in his best role, the true story come from Bacon’s character, Lt. Col. Michael Strobl (USMC Ret.) about his experience as an escort for Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps on his last trip home from Iraq. Killed when an IED ended his 19 year life, Chance Phelps is honored not only by the USMC, that he was proud to be a part, but airline personnel, drivers along the road – the many people who witnessed a fallen soldier coming home and no matter what their political opinions, stopped their life to stand in thanks.

As I said, I had watched this before and while it is a very emotional movie, it is one that I would have in my movie library because it speaks no matter if this is 2004 (when Cpl Phelps died) or today, 2010, or 30 years from now in whatever conflict we are in. I would want it in my library to show to my grandchildren.

Thank you, men and women of our military, police, emergency response personnel! Thank you for your service to protect and defend us. We stand in the gap for you in prayer and we will never forget you.

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