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HawthoRNe: Season 2

I wrote a blog on this show a year ago and gave it mixed reviews but overall positive. I cannot say that here in Season 2 and I am bummed about that.

This year, Hawthorne is at a new hospital and the characters (staff) is so out there that I cannot watch it. Hawthorne signs on as the new CON but then, because of some politics, she becomes co-CON with the nurse who has been the CON. The old CON is an idiot and yet she is allowed to continue to work in a management capacity that makes her daily shift a lawsuit waiting for any lawyer to cash in! The trailer for the next episode (at this writing) implies that the doctor-friend declares his understanding that he loves Hawthorne and then we see him lying on the ground after being hit by a car. Gee! Think he will have a memory loss?

I will not be watching HawthoRNe this season. I am really disappointed about that.

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