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End Times?

I have been musing lately about the “end times.” Now that is unusual for me. I am not a watcher of sign posts for the end times. I have always read the Scripture to say that I should be ready at any time. Jesus seemed pretty clear to me in Acts 1 that no matter how much I might search the Scripture, the exact day and hour of His return was not going to be revealed to me. That said, the events of every century seem to indicate that the world continues to progress toward destruction and an increase in evil as if Satan believes that his time grows short and he should make the most of his time.

Recently these things have come to my attention:

  • Loved ones diagnosed with cancer
  • Loved ones going through divorce
  • Loved ones killed in traffic accidents
  • Loved ones in the paths of hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes
  • Loved ones laid off jobs (after 10 years or more)
  • Loved ones finding themselves in ongoing financial struggles

And so I wonder if while the end times may be characterized by wars, I believe that the greater threat to God’s children will be to their every day lives. It is the fear and worry and confusion about “Who is God really?” and “How can He allow these things to happen to us?” that will cause greater destruction than any war.

Are we prepared for the end times? Are we prioritizing our lives and the lives of our children so that our spiritual muscles will be ready to withstand this attack of our enemy, Satan? How much time do we spend exercising our muscles in prayer, Bible study, and worship? How much time do we spend with fellow soldiers, disciples that are in training to see beyond what our physical eyes tell us and our brains can reason so that we are ready, together, to walk on in faith through each day. Our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, does not sleep or slumber. Are we alert and prepared for what is to come tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or in the next decade? Semper Fi! (Always Faithful!)

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