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The John Webb Winter Golf Tournament

Unless the builder builds the house with the LORD, he labors in vain. Psalm 127:1 (my paraphrase)

Seven years ago, a group of men wanted to do something in memory of a friend. Their friend had died quite suddenly of a massive heart attack. He had a young son who was mid-way through a year of chemotherapy. The friends thought of hosting a golf tournament with the proceeds to help with the young son’s medical bills. And so The John Webb Winter Golf Tournament began.

February 2007 marked the fifth tournament and over $30,000 has been raised and given to the Child Life Program at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Pensacola, FL. Check out the news blog about the recent ‘Christmas Shopping in July’ that we did with the proceeds from the 2007 tournament. You can also read the History of the Tournament.

The opening Scripture reminds me that this tournament is just one of the many opportunities that God offers to me to work with Him. For our family to try to ‘build’ The John Webb Winter Golf Tournament, we would find ourselves unable to bring it to any success with our limitations. It is God who brings talented people, supporters from our local area as well as from across the nation, generous vendors, and the continued friendship of the men who knew John Webb, Sr. and still remain friends with his son, John Webb, Jr. Some who read this may think that I am too spiritual or too simplistic in my reasoning. All of this could be explained by coincidence and the kind hearts of people. My life in this world doesn’t support that explanation. It is God’s presence in the lives of people that explains the out-of-the-ordinary success of this tournament that exceeds the dollar amount!

What are you trying to ‘build’ in your life? As I grow older, I want to ‘leave’ my children a legacy. My parents were very concerned about the monetary legacy that they wanted to leave behind. That’s not a bad thing but I’d like to leave my children and grandchildren something more permanent. So I am building a legacy of faith to leave them. I want them to recall the victories and struggles that Mom had. I want them to know of the strength and love that God gave in abundance when times were more than tough! I want them to also know about my wrestling matches with God! I want them to know that I did not let go of God until He blessed me – however long the match went on! I want to leave them that which I have that is most precious – faith in Jesus Christ and the opportunity to serve Him through serving others.

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