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Book Review: She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice

Maybe we know we often create our own messes, so we assume we should clean them up. – Nicole Unice from She’s Got Issues (ISBN#: 1414365101)

Wife, mother, ministry leader, and counselor, Nicole Unice brings her giftings, knowledge, and life experiences into a book that will peel you like an onion and reveal the source of your issues. It did mine.

I frankly did not think I needed Mrs. Unice’s help. I am very aware of my issues but I also thought they were my “messes” and mine to clean up. And I have tried to do so for many years. It hasn’t been working very well for me so to continue with my present plan would seem like a definition in insanity.

Whether through simple assessment questions or group discussion or her astute observations, the author took this “control freak” and spoke straight truth to me, much like I suspect Jesus did when He met various people along the path, looked straight into their hearts and answered, not the question they asked, but the question they needed to have answered.

I laughed as I identified with many of those whose stories are related in this book which only made me dig in to learn what I could do to make a change in my life and come out in a different place than where I have been landing.

Great book and I highly recommend it for all my fellow control-freaks!

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