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Restoration – or Not

Former pastor, Eddie Long, is the more recent in a long list of Christian leaders who have succumbed to temptation in a very public way. J. Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma wrote in his most recent blog,Phoney Rabbis, Lost Discernment and the Eddie Long Disaster True restoration requires a lengthy process of repentance, restitution and inner healing. If we practiced biblical restoration on a wide scale, the cancer of immorality that is eating the church alive today would go into remission.”

When Grady speaks of “immorality”, he isn’t speaking of just sexual sins. Sexual immorality in church leadership could be a “cancer” with clearly defined margins. It is the lying, hypocrisy, ego, and lukewarm representation of Jesus Christ from pulpit and teaching podium that has spread its infection into all corners of our fellowships leaving behind insipid proclamations, self-serving programs, and no Cross.

If my opinions stated in this blog haven’t stepped on your last toe or gotten on your last nerve, then I encourage you to read J. Lee Grady’s post. It made me laugh – and then bow my head in repentance and intercession for Jesus’ Church.

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