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Moving Brings Good Cleaning

I have moved only nine times in my entire life. I know people who move about every five years because they enjoy fixing up homes and then turning them over. I also know military people who have moved more times than they can count. I do not see moving as an adventure but as an arduous task that must be done from necessity.

This week I am moving – but I am not changing addresses. I have rented a trailer for over ten years and now have a new landlord who is bringing in a brand new trailer so while my address is not changing, my home will be very different. As much as I do not like moving, I dislike clutter and so the move makes me sort and pack and get rid of things I haven’t used in ten years. It also makes me do a deep cleaning on picture frames and knick-knacks that often get a quick swipe as I dust a shelf.

There are certainly things inside of me that need to be sorted and dealt with and need a deep cleaning. It’s easy to keep running through my daily life with all of the “now stuff” that demands attention and let all the knick-knacks that have been there for so long that I do not pay attention to the emotional dirt that is collecting.

The most important time of the day in my life is the time spent in quiet conversation with my God. Other people may use yoga or meditation but it is the one-on-one time with my Creator that refreshes me so I come away looking like a shiny, clean floor. It is during this time that I let go of the weight of worry and uncertainty. I move from unforgiveness toward forgiveness that heals and restores me. And I learn new insights into truths that may have been blocked by the world’s deception and negativity.

As I was sorting through boxes, I came across a book bag, a CD holder, an old car stereo, and other items that had belonged to my son, James. It has been nine years since James died and as I looked into this box there was a quick burn in my eyes. I started to just shut the box and put it on the pile to be taken to our new home. And then I could see my son rolling his eyes and saying, “Mom! What are you going to do with that besides let it gather more dust! Keep the good stuff, not junk!” And so I took out a pair of drumsticks and his last yearbook and let the rest go to the mission pile. There is another good reason to move. It helps to take a few more steps along my grief journey.

Maybe this will be my last move here in this life. Like most people, I hope to live out my life in my own home. But I am going to keep my daily time with God so that my spiritual home will stay uncluttered and clean. And keep my new home the same so it is a welcoming place for others to gather for laughter and encouragement. We surely need more of that in this life!

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