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Bible Knowledge

Great blog post this morning from Greg May (author, teacher, and fisherman), entitled Useless Bible Knowledge?. He tells of a conversation with someone who was interested in coming to a Men’s Bible Study that he does until the fellow found out that their discussions were about the application in their lives of what they learned from the Scripture. This gentlemen wanted a study that focused on “just the facts.” I had to smile at that. My husband has a Master’s degree in Biblical Languages which means he reads his Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek the way I read mine from the NIV! Henry came out of his seminary classes with a head full of knowledge – and an atheist!

Linda Smith, a teacher who sowed seeds early in my Christian life once said:

The Word without the Spirit, we freeze up.
The Spirit without the Word, we blow up.
The Word and the Spirit, we grow up.

Greg’s teaching this morning makes the laser point stab into my heart that knowledge of Scripture without allowing the Holy Spirit to take it into my life is just more useless knowledge, good only for a Bible trivia game show!

Let us take this bit of knowledge today and allow God to make it useful in our lives.

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