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Persecution – Really? Really.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S. My eyes have tears and my throat is tight as I thank my God for the gift of living here. I have read many times on Facebook and blogs about how we U.S. Christians are “persecuted.” Hogwash! We don’t know the meaning of that word and we are arrogant and disrespectful to those who DO know its meaning!

Voice of the Martyrs mapIf you want to know about Christians who are really persecuted then go to the website for Voice of the Martyrs. For free they will send you a book written by the founder, Richard Wurmbrand, and a monthly newsletter to share what is going on around the world from the Philippines – Iraq – China – Nepal – Iran – Ethiopia – India – Indonesia – and more.

God has not called me as a missionary to any of these countries but He has called me to be a missionary. He said, “Go and makes disciples.” And may He find me faithful to the field in which I labor. He has also called me to pray for my brothers and sisters. And today He identified some siblings that I vaguely knew but chose to ignore the ugliness of their lives. I am so very sorry for that. I have had my wake-up call and I will be actively praying and supporting my persecuted brothers and sisters.

I also invite you to Jody’s Devotionals this week, as I suspect God is going to be taking me to study in His Word about the meaning of “take up your cross and follow Me.”

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