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Have you ever had someone come to mind and had the thought that you should call them? Or invite them to dinner? Maybe out of the blue, you have seen someone you know in a store or at church and thought, “I was blessed with a bonus this year. I could give some to _________ .” And then you didn’t because you considered it a “silly” thought or that you might “embarrass” your friend. I wonder what the impact was of that reconsideration. It may have been more than embarrassment.

Many people have found themselves in circumstances they have never experienced before. They are struggling to pay the basic bills, Christmas presents are a hairbrush or a pair of socks. Christmas dinner is eggs and hash brown potatoes. They do not qualify for free groceries and their pride may have prevented them from telling their pastor that it would have been a blessing to put them on the Christmas Blessing List. Yes, their pride and listening and obeying God is on them. My listening and obeying God is on me.

2011 is a new year, with new possibilities. Let us open our ears and hearts; stretch out our muscles and get to work. Time is a’wastin’!

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