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Looking for Good Christian Fiction

I love to read. As a publisher, I spend a lot of time reading ‘for work’. I also read and study for my spiritual health. That is import but just like a professional athlete likes to play a sport ‘for fun’ so I need to read ‘for fun’ too.

I am looking for Christian fiction. There is some out there but the settings are not interesting or just plain silly to me. Most are Amish or set in the 1800’s. I want 21st century settings. Christians live today and keep themselves pure and make Godly choices. It is not unusual or weird! And if it is unusual then we need to get the word out that though we are peculiar we are not uncommon!

Marie Bostwick is a new author to me. She has been writing awhile and has won numerous awards. I am currently reading her ‘Cobbled Quilt’ series, having just finished book #2. Her characters have dealt with breast cancer, divorce, abuse, and homeless families. There’s love, conflict, and sexual tension that is real with people who choose God’s way – not always consciously and not easily – but they choose as many of us do.

As a publisher, I am on the lookout for true Christian fiction. Do you have some authors you enjoy? Have you written a story that would live in the real world and yet not be of this world?

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  1. Hi Jody,
    I cannot agree with you more on the subject of Amish romance dominating the Christian fiction market. If you are interested in a good Christian fiction read that is not a "how-to" book or an ancient romance, check out "Second World" by R.M.Wagoner. I have posted some of the endorsements below as well as the website.

    “Wow! I am still wiping the tears from my eyes. This book has captured the beauty and simplicity of the spiritual realm in a captivating story."
    – John E. Thomas, Life Empowerment

    "Second World is a tale of family drama and supernatural wonder as young Clare steps into the invisible reality behind the visible…But above all it is a tale of redemption."
    – David Orton, Author

    "The author of this book is much more than an intriguing storyteller. She carries in her heart a deep understanding of the divine. This spiritual appreciation is gently woven through the fabric of this work."
    – Don Nori Sr.

    "Second World is a powerful story that hits the modern family with a supernatural message. This well written fiction work displays an all too real world."
    – Luke Holter author, "Beautiful Kind of Broken"

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