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Duff’s Tavern & Grill, Vicksburg, MS

Like many people, I took a road trip during the Christmas holidays to have time with family. Ours was a 12-hour drive and often on those long trips, we have chosen “fast food” which usually sacrifices quality for speed. Thanks to the wonderful new aps on my phone, I searched through my navigation system for a restaurant along I-20 west near the historic town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. I randomly chose Duff’s Tavern and Grille because its location was in the historical area and there were other restaurants listed so I thought we could find something. What a wonderful discovery at Duff’s Tavern and Grille!

The atmosphere begins with beautiful Olde World décor that brought us into the best of New Orleans style. Rich woods, beautiful brass, lazily turning ceiling fans. Two steps into the door and we were greeted with genuine smiles and welcoming Southern charm. Our initial inquiry regarding vegetarian options received a quick response of several choices, both on and off the menu.

We had fried green tomatoes that had possibly the best cornmeal crust I had ever tasted. They must use “clean” oil and perfect temperature in their frying resulting in a crisp, non-greasy savory crust that covered a perfect slice of green tomato. My husband had a juicy, homemade veggieburger and I had an oyster po-boy, each with sides of sweet potato fries. Both perfectly cooked on a fresh, toasted bun/hoagie roll.

A gentleman at the table next to us had what appeared to be Duff’s Chef Salad with shrimp that covered an entire dinner plate. Another item on the menu, Shrimp and Crawfish Pie, will make it difficult for me to choose between these and many others, including that day’s special, Chili Cheese Burger.

The menu was extraordinary but so was the wait staff. They were friendly, efficient, unobtrusive, and certainly one of the best assests of this wonderful, relaxing stopover along the Mississippi River. 

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Jody. Wayne & I are on our way toward Vicksburg for the night. I just read your recommendation for Duff’s Tavern & Grill. Will check it out this evening.

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