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christmas-2003-croppedWill I stop missing you … in time?
Will I stop seeing you in the distance … in time?
Will time become more or less meaningful … in time?
I guess time will tell.

At first time had no meaning. You were not here.
You were there. I wasn’t.
Each day was made of endless minutes without you.
Each night a solitude when I listened for your step, your voice.

Then time began to quicken. There were weeks, then months, then years.
And yet you have not aged in my mind’s eye.
You still have that stare, with those “old eyes” that know more than they should.
You still have that unexpected laugh, which lights up my world with a joy.

Time has passed. Your friends have married. They have children.
I weep for what could have been, but is not.
I weep for words not spoken,
For possibilities without fruit.

And then, time brings a peace. A smile.
Time will soon mean nothing.
You and I will have more than time.
We will have … forever.

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  1. So beautiful Jody. Truly truly I could feel the heart and hope of heaven. I love you deeply and truly. James ministers to me still.

  2. Jody, what a beautiful and positive remembrance of James
    And what a wonderful legacy he left though so young !!!
    The hope of Christ for that awesome reunion gives that peace
    Which passes our own understanding !!!
    I love you ?,Jody!!!!! Prayers abound for you and your loved
    Ones and family !!
    God is good All the time !! ????????

  3. One mother’s heart knows another, recognizes shoes walked in. The wound is deep and long because the love was and is deeper still. Time passes, joy returns, spontaneous tears at an old memory, a thought, an ache, a gratitude for the gift of being his mom. And yes the reunion to come.

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