Senator Obama’s Train Needs to Move On!

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I am not a very political person. I do not watch broadcasts of debates or read transcripts of speeches. My decision on the candidate that will receive my vote on an election day is done with 60% prayer and 10% actual listening to the candidate on issues that are important to me. The other 30%? It’s about integrity. I ask myself how does this person conduct themselves over the mud-slinging, back-biting months of the campaign? And what is their track record in life with their marriage and priorities?

If Senator Obama wants to be the President of the United States, he cannot sidestep the fact that he is black. If his faith is a priority and affects his decisions as he has alluded, then he must deal with that issue also. He has done well, in my opinion, until this report came out, and I quote from

Sen. Barack Obama says in an interview that aired on TV Friday that he would have left his church if his pastor had not retired and had not acknowledged making comments that “deeply offended people.”

I suspect this statement came about after the media ‘hammered’ in their usual relentless fashion for Senator Obama to make some response to Hilary Clinton’s remark at how quickly she would have left her church if her pastor had made such statements. (I won’t even qualify that ludicrous comment!) While my personal experience with the media is not in the same universe with Senator Obama, Clinton, or McCain, I have been misquoted (out of context or in no context) and had an offhand remark receive the spotlight and the purpose of the interview become lost in the sludge.

It is time for Senator Obama to make a stand and say, “NO MORE! I WILL NOT respond to any more questions or comments about this issue! Let’s keep our eye on the ball and this game has MOVED ON!” There is no more that he needs to say in explanation or in defense of a man who, though imperfect, was used by God to bring him to Christ.

I look forward to the day when we have a black president. I have looked with interest at Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, and now Senator Obama and said, “Lord, is this the one?” It is an important step in healing and ‘moving on’ to a country that is unified in Spirit, looking past colors.

I haven’t made a decision … yet. I am still listening to the One who always reports the truth!

Maybe I’ll have something to say about Senator McCain on another day. Don’t look for anything about Senator Clinton. My mother always told me that if I can’t say something nice – don’t say anything.

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