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Children of Faith

I recently red a blog written by a grandfather about his grief that he was experiencing following the death of his granddaughter from cancer. He shares what God has shown him about faith.

But what about those who are not healed? And no matter how many, how long or how fervent the prayers, they die. When this happens some will blame God for “taking” their loved one. How could an all knowing, all powerful God let theirs die and let another live? It’s a puzzle that begins to eat at the very center of the believer’s heart. Well meaning friends might say, “If we had only had more faith”, or some other horrific statement, the sick one would have been made well. This is a satanic phrase and even though well intended strikes terror deep into the soul. How guilty would you be if your loved one died because you “didn’t have enough faith?” Yes, we should have faith, enough to move a mountain, as Jesus said, but this faith is not for physical mountains, but spiritual ones.

I encourage you to read his note in its entirety.

God’s plans for our children and grandchildren are so much bigger than we can imagine. God’s plans are about His Kingdom . Do I understand how the death

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of my child can glorify God or impact His Kingdom “better” than the life of my child could have? Of course I don’t. Jesus said to have the faith of a child. A child who believes his Father when He says that everything will be all right.

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