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I watched HawthoRNe for the first three episodes. I was excited to see a show on TV that made the nurse (nursing staff) the focus of a show and the doctors the supporting cast. This is the real life that I have been a part for over 30 years. I respect physicians for their knowledge and God-given skills. However, it is the nurse that spends the time with the patient that sees the nuances of their symptoms and the role that their family and spiritual life (whatever that is to them) plays in their illness. орaльное порно бритни спирс

The problem I have with the show is that HawthoRNe

responds to a situation in the way all of us would like to respond – but would not. If we did, we would be fired. The politics, which includes the climate of the legal system, would preclude any nurse from responding in such a decisive, no-holds-barred way. There are obvious financial consequences and legal consequences of getting fired, but then there is the reality that once you have “fired” on your resume it is difficult to be rehired.

So kudos to everyone who is involved in creating HawthoRNe. I will watch now enjoying a fictional show and give an occasional sigh that it is not reality.

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