Parenting: I’m no expert…but was blessed any way!

I do not write about parenting as an “expert” but I have received many ‘pats on the back’ for the three great children that I have known since the day they were born. I have become a fan of a blog, Beyond Just Mom, as the posts are real, poignant, funny, and yet written in a way that does not embarrass her children! Her recent posts about her 14-year-old son making a trip to Japan with a school group made me think of all the journeys my own children have experienced. I can say, without a doubt, that like all parents, no matter the species, the difficult days are when you stand still and allow them to fly off on their own wings. Whether their trips take them to their first t-ball game or gymnastic meet when they must step alone into the playing field, or the first dance or social event, feeling awkward and tongue-tied.

It is so essential to allow these excursions because one day they will gather up their clothes and move into a college dorm or their first apartment. If they are blessed from their previous flights, they know they are going to do this alone and survive it. Mom and Dad will not be running to throw themselves in front of the difficulties. But they will also know that Mom and Dad are close as a phone call, text, or email to be advisers if an opinion is requested.

I have a daughter and son who are married to fantastic people and have super grandchildren. I watched them walk down their respective aisles with joy and peace, knowing they had flexed their wings, would have extraordinary adventures, and would teach their children to fly also.

Being a parent is not for “wimps” but God did give us a handbook and He promised we would not have to do this most important job alone.

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  1. Jody,

    I just discovered your link and am honored that you mentioned my site. Thanks so much–I look forward to connecting more with you as we read and write together!


    • Jody says:

      I have 3 children. The twins are 30 now, a boy and girl. John has 3 sons, 11, 6, 2. Janet has 2 girls, 7 and 4. My youngest, James, died at age 17 of cancer. I have recommended your site from my blog and from Facebook. Keep being real with a great helping of humor! You ARE a blessing! — Jody

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