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Read if You Dare!

One Simple Act” by Debbie Macomber [ISBN#9781439108932]

I just finished this barely 200-page book. It took me almost two weeks. Usually I could have finished it in about four hours. I put it down several times and tried to ignore it or convince myself it wasn’t for me. But I knew it was. And so today I read until I finished it. I cried. I felt frustration. And then I finally got the message that was intended for me.

There are five things I know for sure. Those are:
~ Giving not only changes the recipient, it changes us.
~ Giving aligns us with the very heartbeat of God.
~ The Bible says that we can take it with us. [refer to Matthew 6:19-21]
~ We are called to give – cheerfully and joyfully.
~ Giving is an act of worship. One Simple Act, Debbie Macomber, p. 203

If you think that list is something you already know and have already mastered or if you disagree with the list, then you need to read the book, like me.

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  1. Do you think this book would be appropriate for someone who is not a believer, and who is actually fairly hostile to biblical Christianity? My mom's a big fan of Macomber's, so I'm wondering if this would be a good way to sneak a little gospel into her reading diet.

    1. I think if your mom has been reading Debbie Macomber she has been reading "a little gospel"! Mrs. Macomber does a great job of presenting the Good News in her stories. I pray that she will receive the Good News of this book also. BLESSINGS!

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