What to do tonight, the last night of the year?

God made humann beings for righteousness, but they seek many alternatives. – Ecclesiastes 7:29 (ISV)

Tonight is the last night of this year. Are you glad the year is over? Are you hopeful for this next one?

I have met several people this week, in the grocery store, on the phone, and even in church who express their hope that this next year will be “better.” They hope there is less violence. They hope the economy will continue to improve in discernible ways. They hope they will accomplish more of their goals.

King Solomon, who is credited with having asked rightly for wisdom from God, is also credited with writing the book of Ecclesiastes. On many levels this is a depressing read. But when I read it today, from the perspective of one year ending and another beginning – I found it profound in so many places.

So tonight – enjoy time with friends but please take time today or before you go to bed tonight and read about what is a waste of time and effort in Ecclesiastes. And then go to Hebrews 12 and read that chapter because it will tell you about righteousness. That is what is important – my relationship with God. I believe this will give us a good start no matter what the next year brings.

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