Women’s History Month

When I began working in the hospital in the 1970’s, nurses stood when a female doctor came into the nurses’ station just as they did for the male doctors. By the time I was an RN in 1976, we nurses had gotten stronger spines and decided that the work we were doing at the desks was just as important as the doctors, and we no longer rose when they entered. The respect and how we were spoken to – that took another 10 years!

The list of female authors, who have come together into the Energion family, is definitely diverse in background, life experiences and how they view their God! Their writings are subjects that are close to their hearts, often birthed thru their life experiences. Here are just a few of my observations:

Renee Crosby and Rev. Shauna Hyde gave me real looks into the lives of the homeless and how to be truly helpful and a conduit of love as Jesus taught.

Hannah May, Mimi Finesilver and Nancy Petrey share not only their hearts for the Jewish people, they also share God’s intimate interaction with His children. That is us!

Tamika Champion-Hampton and Nancy Petrey wrote devotions for their grandchildren. Felecia Marshall demanded justice for her child.

We are going to hear about many extraordinary women this month. I submit to you that each one of us has also had extraordinary moments to share. And we have difficult moments in which we need support and an ear to listen. We need wisdom! Look at what Energion’s female authors have written. May we take time to care for ourselves as we take time with our God. – Jody

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