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2008 John Webb Winter Golf Tournament – COMING SOON!

It’s hard for me to believe that this is our SIXTH golf tournament. I won’t take space here to talk about the details of how this tournament came about. The main point is that this tournament came about in grief. Friends of John Webb, Sr. were grieving over his sudden death and wanted to do something for his children. Janet, John Jr., and James (before he died), and I wanted to do something for the kids who we had met at the hospital and all the ones who would come to the hospital in the future. It was a constructive place to put our grief. SO –

On Saturday, January 19, 2008 the Sixth Annual John Webb Winter Golf Tournament will take place at Tiger Point Golf Club in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

I am sending out registration forms and the report for the 2007 tournament this week. The volunteers are being “called forth” and the excitement is beginning for what we can do this year for some of God’s most precious children!

Look at what was bought with the 2007 proceeds!

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