“I’ve been REDEEMED!”

‘Redeemed’ is a church-y word to me. I’ve sang the word many times in hymns and songs. I’ve read about ‘my Redeemer’ and I know that is Jesus. In the last week, the word has come to me many times and has grown new ‘roots’ in my heart. Another layer of the ‘old Jody’ was peeled away. I feel refreshed and tender with new love for my Father who loves me.

Look and receive this: at just the right moment, when we could not do ANYTHING to help ourselves, Jesus, the Messiah, died for us…the godless ones. How often does someone die for someone else? We read and hear about heroes who die for ‘good’ people, children maybe. Look how God showed us He loves (present tense) us! While we were still ungodly and sinning, Jesus died for us!!!
Romans 5:6-8 (my paraphrase)

“I have loved you with a forever-and-ever love that had no
starting place (it always was) and it has no ending; I call to you with loving, kind words.”

Jeremiah 31:3 (my paraphrase)

I am sharing this today with those of you who know that you have been given eternal life because of Jesus Christ. There is no need to say that that is the greatest gift that the Father has given us; the most perfect picture of His love for us. Chrystal move I’m not sure that the ‘picture’ will become truly clear until I am in heaven and walking with Jesus and know that it will be forever. Paul said that I am looking through an unclear glass but that one day I will see clearly. So what is here for me to see and know about God’s love.

I have been praying about my son recently. He has an injury that is both aggravating and causing him to be unable to be all he desires and can be as a pitcher. And it is not just about pitching. John has been brought to this moment in his life to be used to impact the lives of many children and their families. As God was speaking to me about His love and about REDEMPTION I went to tears as I grabbed the words “I call to you with loving, kind words”. God loves me. He loves me to save me and He loves me to heal me. I have the faith for eternity because to me, in some weird mind process, it isn’t here and now in front of me. It is real to me – as much as I can grasp what ‘eternity’ is but to be healed now, in this life, in this moment, makes God’s love very tangible and I find myself stumbling on the path. Do I accept that God loves me so much that He would extend His hand and touch me in a miracle? John cannot take time off and rehab his way back to health. There are no medicines that will ‘cure’ this. He must have a miracle. As I pray, I can ask for nothing else but a miracle. God loves me. God loves John. God’s love is already on us, in us, and wants to SHOW us how much He loves us! As a parent, tucking a child into bed, holding them when they are hurt or scared, doing or saying anything that makes them feel better – that is the BEST part of being a parent! How much more is God like that with me? With John? With each one of us?


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