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Wise Change Better than ANY Change

As 2012 winds down and I see 2013 rising up to meet me, it is that time of year to think about making a course correction that will produce “good”. At this time next year I want to be able to say, “Yes, this year was better than last year.” But making a change for the sake of any change is not a good reason. Wisdom must be at the core of the change.

I believe that the best way to improve my life is to improve my relationship with God. If He is Creator, if He is Wisdom, then to spend more time listening and learning more about who He is, how He moves in my life and what His plan is for me would be a good plan. I have read or re-read four books this year that have helped me and so I am going to pass them along to you. I did not read them because I published them. I published them and felt the pull in my heart to read them just for me and so they became part of my study time.

The Sacred Journey by Chris Surber ISBN# 978-1-893729-85-8
I have read this book twice now and I am still learning from it! The author takes the Beatitudes section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and guides me through a deeper look at my journey as His disciple.

The Church Under the Cross by William Powell Tuck ISBN#978-1-893729-21-6
Is The Cross the center of your fellowship? Churches that I have visited in the last five years either have a small gold cross standing on the altar like an accessory or no cross at all to be seen in their sanctuary. And that is a reflection of the emphasis that is put on what Paul says “is the power of God” (I Corinthians 1:18-25). This author takes us all to task for allowing our pastors and teachers to become insipid proclaimers of God. I can’t remember the last time I heard a sermon or teaching on the power of the Christ’s Cross. How about you?

Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God? 5th edition By Alden Thompson ISBN# 978-1-893729-90-2
This is the first book I ever read as a study of the Old Testament. I was a New Testament disciple, never realizing I was missing half of God’s Word! I was ignoring the Bible that Jesus read! There is a fundamental reason why Dr. Thompson is so loved by his students – he’s so very gifted. He says, “The test of my ministry (teaching) is not what I teach you. It’s whether I leave you loving God and each other more.”

Uncommon Questions from an Extraordinary God by Chris Bozung ISBN# 978-1-938434-06-8
One of our new books this fall that I began to study the evening we received the books from the printer. This was a study that kept me in the Word from beginning to end. I will be reading this again in 2013. I know there is more that Jesus wants to teach me through His questions.

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