Are you challenged to THINK on Sunday mornings?

For a variety of reasons many people may be surprised by my question. For over 30 years I went to church nearly every Sunday and I cannot remember really thinking during the message or any other part of the service. The songs were so familiar that I could sing them without looking at the book. Their language was dated and did not lend itself to understanding much less mustering a feeling that I was actually singing it to worship the Lord. I could write my grocery list and review the children’s activities and never miss a beat! Many messages were more about church ‘doctrine’ and as I did begin to study the Bible I found the doctrines to have only a minimal connection to God’s teachings.

The last 10+ years I have been challenged, had all of my toes stomped, and not only carried my Bible to church but also found the best use for a bulletin – paper for note-taking! I come home and spend the next week reading and re-reading the marked passages and going further into cross references! Proof of Life divx It’s a wonderful thing! I have found myself grateful for those who share their message from God. I have even occasionally disagreed with them which becomes fertilizer for spiritual growth! Just sitting and nodding is like dining on milk toast when you are craving a thick steak or a big turkey leg!

I invite you to go to my daily devotion page and follow the next three days as I share some of the message I recently received about witnessing. Allow yourself to explore this fundamental purpose for which God has created us. Spend some time THINKING!

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