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“Lost December” by Richard Paul Evans

Released on November 1, 2011, Richard Paul Evans has given us another ‘gift’ of a wonderful story that teaches us like a modern day parable. Every year it seems Mr. Evans has brought forth such an inspired work and Lost December does not disappoint. Based on Jesus’ original prodigal son, Mr. Evans’ character, Luke, squanders all that he has been given before he finds the treasure of his father’s never-ending love.

The story was not too predictable and too “cheesy” because I found myself too often in the same mind path as Luke or Rachael. I could not stay in that superior position of pointing to them and telling them how foolish they were but instead I was brought to a teachable position to learn from them.

So turn on  your Kindle or checkout from your local library and enjoy and learn from Lost December. Great read!

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